Dynamic campaign platform transforms M&S’ eCRM

Q. How can M&S respond to rapidly changing business needs and get the most out of its rich database in an agile way?

A. We built a unique integration between their data and campaign management platforms that could react to new requirements quickly and efficiently.   



M&S’ campaigns are complex characters – they not only go out to a massive number of people, they are personalised with messaging that changes on an almost daily basis. All of which requires new data attributes that might not be accessible in the targeting environment. As such they needed a CRM system that could integrate their complex datasets and still handle this level of activity and change. 


Although traditional campaign management platforms can of course be updated, they are built with a static set of fields so it can be a slow (and expensive), tech-heavy process. Our bespoke FastStats integration was different; based on a dynamic, variable ontology structure, it allows M&S to add new targeting attributes (built in their own data environment) based on emerging targeting or personalisation requirements, without having to change the platform itself.  


Client teams can now react quickly to changing business needs and fully leverage the power of their customer database. The process means new targeting attributes can be created and implemented in 24 hours, giving the business all the flexibility it needs.