Removing the pain of campaign platform migration

Q. How did this retailer move its complex campaign program into a new campaign management platform without disrupting its marketing activity?

A. By working with Planning-inc’s technical experts to ensure a meticulous migration.



Having worked with this client for many years, we’d built a huge number of highly targeted, triggered emails to respond to customer behaviour, all of which were run directly through their customer database.

In line with their long-term plan, the client had chosen IBM Campaign as their new Campaign Management platform. But with limited in-house expertise of the platform, they needed help implementing the new software and migrating the existing campaigns into it.


A team of Planning-inc programmers were allocated to the project, re-engineering over 80, SQL based campaigns and migrating them into the IBM platform for the client to manage. They carefully realigned targeting rules to synch with IBM functionality and overall contact strategy management before methodically building and testing the campaigns in the new environment.


Our expertise and knowledge of the client’s campaigns meant that the migration was done quicker than could otherwise have been achieved and with minimal disruption to the on-going campaign programme during the process. We have also worked collaboratively with internal teams to make sure they properly understand IBM Campaign functionality and its campaign build structure, so future-proofing the entire process.