Real-time personalisation = 15% rise in email engagement

Q. How did this retailer achieve a 15% uplift in engagement by optimising live emails in real time? 

A. By using the CMP’s Live Content Optimiser to automatically select the very best content and images for each of their customers.



This retailer is always looking for new ways to make their email campaigns as relevant as possible. And while their campaigns are often highly personalised and targeted, their CRM team is still hamstrung by a classic industry issue; when different messages and creative are possible, they have no way of knowing which will work best for which customers.

Looking to stay ahead of the game and find new ways of cutting through the inbox clutter, they turned to Planning-inc for help.


We implemented our Live Content Optimiser and tested its potential by using a key newsletter, which goes out to millions of customers.

We integrated it into the build and broadcast of the campaign, seeding three different versions of the content representatively across the base at the point of send. Finally, we set our decision-making algorithm to monitor which customers by age and gender were interacting most with each of the versions.

Within minutes of sending, the analytics engine had reached a statistically significant decision based on how customers were engaging with content, finding the best performing version for each group and automatically updating the images in unopened emails ready for people to see it.


Responding to their customers’ engagement and optimising the email with the best performing content resulted in a massive 15% uplift in engagement translating into a significant uplift in web traffic to the ecommerce site.