Automated reporting revolutionises campaign analysis

Q. How does this retailer achieve an unparalleled view of its campaign performance while saving days worth of senior analyst resource each month?

A. By using Planning-inc’s Campaign Analyser to automate the analysis of vast amounts of campaign results.



This leading retailer sends out big volume trade campaigns and promotional activity supporting ecommerce, in-store experiences and customer reward programs. New, automated emails are set up regularly, while a weekly drumbeat of emails sees highly targeted newsletters sent to a large, super-engaged group of customers. 

The business wanted a better understanding of how their campaigns were performing to report on their impact and to direct contact strategy and P&L management. But properly analysing this level of activity on the fly was just not possible – they didn’t have enough analyst resource and it took too long to get results for the business to react to changes in performance. 


We set the client up with our cloud-based reporting solution, giving them an interactive view of vital information like incremental value, net profit generated and email metrics, as well as customer satisfaction scores and reward redemption. 

Updated daily and processing huge volumes of performance data, advanced statistical processes automates incremental measurement. The report provides an overview of each campaign’s performance, as well as specifics like which customer groups performed best in which product categories. What’s more, the whole CRM team has access to the results via their Office 365 account.


This retailer has saved 100s of valuable senior analyst hours while senior decision makers now have the insights needed to develop the campaign program at their fingertips.