Next-gen analytics boost gaming operator’s share price

Q. How did plugging a gap in this gaming business’ analytical capability result in its share price skyrocketing?

A.  By tapping into Planning-inc’s Data Marketing 360 support model and transforming its CRM program the business now enjoys industry-leading retention and play rates.


This operator had a vast amount of data at its fingertips, with huge ambitions for growth and customer retention. But it simply didn’t have enough expertise in-house to generate the insights needed to optimise its campaigns or create the sophisticated models that would improve their targeting. So they called us in to help.


Our team of Data Planners, Analysts, Account Managers and Programmers immersed themselves in the client’s data to deliver ‘always on’ analytics support.

While a weekly drumbeat of campaign performance reviews helped the client track the incremental impact on gaming behaviour, our analysts worked with the client to develop a unique CRM program. 

Value, lapsing and winback models helped the client anticipate their players’ activity, a Next Best Offer model targeted promotions and managed margins while a behavioural based welcome program used data to onboard players as effectively as possible. We also developed a real-time behavioural model that tracked player activity ‘in the moment’ to trigger relevant, cross-channel messaging.


This client now has a best in class, data-led CRM program that has helped them achieve industry-leading levels of retention and play rates. The business’ rise in share price has been directly attributed to this improved performance.