AI transforms campaign targeting for top retailer

Q. How did this retailer achieve a new level of hyper-intelligent targeting to drive incremental revenue from its CRM program?

A. Planning-inc’s AI-led Next Best Action Decisioning Engine automates the analysis of millions of campaign insights, predicting the best message for each and every customer.



This retailer is an email marketing powerhouse with over 100 personalised and targeted campaigns running each week to millions of customers. With so many messages to send, customers are often eligible for several at any one time.

When this happens, making sure a customer gets the most relevant campaign for them is vital. And while the data was there to make these decisions, the team was never going to be able to analyse it all in a way that would allow them to make hyper-informed, campaign selection decisions.


We implemented our Next Best Action Decisioning (NBAD) engine. Built and hosted in an advanced cloud environment, the NBAD uses AI to trawl through millions of campaign performance insights. It then combines them using Bayesian statistics to select the best campaign for a customer at any point in time.

When a customer qualifies for two or more campaigns, AI scans the bank of insights to see how other customers with the same characteristics have engaged with similar communications. It then accurately predicts which email is most likely to really appeal to them.


NBAD makes thousands of targeting decisions daily, automating the use of insight to optimise customer experiences and making an ever growing contribution to the program’s overall incremental revenue number.