Predictive targeting boosts M&S’ email responses by 20%

Q. How did M&S achieve a 20% increase in email engagement and subsequently generate major incremental revenue?

A. We built a predictive model that helped the business choose the right content for the right customer on a massive scale. 



M&S’ CRM team wanted to make their regular email newsletters more relevant. But they also needed to react to the needs of the category trading teams who wanted their messages to reach as many customers as possible. M&S needed a solution that balanced the need for volume with the need to make communications as targeted and personalised as possible.


Using vast amounts of transactional and behavioural data, we built a predictive model that scored each customer’s likelihood to engage with each business category (Womenswear, Childrenswear etc) on a daily basis.

We set up the model in M&S’ campaign selection solution and made it easy for the business to dynamically put email newsletters in order, prioritising the categories each customer was predicted to buy from. The team could shrink or grow the number of customers who qualify for a particular category by selecting the different score levels to tighten or widen the targeting as needed.


M&S were given the flexibility to meet trading requirements while tailoring a customer’s email experience based on what is most likely to be right for them. Delivering this elegantly simple level of personalisation to millions of customers consistently drives a 20% uplift in engagement versus non-personalised versions of the same emails and has resulted in £100ks in incremental revenue.