Hyper-personalisation boosts Playstation’s engagement by 30%

Q. How did PlayStation achieve a massive 30% increase in engagement across millions of emails? 

A. We worked with PlayStation to set up a best in class targeting and personalisation ecosystem that transformed their business processes and turbo-charged their email activity. 


PlayStation’s European CRM team are a busy bunch. They send thousands of emails out a year, translating every one into over 15 languages to target millions of players across more than 30 territories. 

Email experts that they are, they wanted to deliver more personalisation and targeting across their comms, but were too busy delivering these large campaigns to do it. They also didn’t have the processes or resource in place to make the most of massive amounts of data they have at their fingertips. 


We immersed ourselves in their data and systems and worked as an extension of their CRM and data teams to develop a new approach to personalisation and targeting.

To get things started, we used a key weekly newsletter that goes to millions of customers across Europe as a proof of concept. Using their data assets, we created a new set of targeting dimensions to segment customers and a bank of cross-sell and behaviour-driving messages to personalise the newsletter to see which message worked for which customer group. We then personalised these messages to a player’s most recently played game. 


Using a robust test and learn and measurement framework, we were able to see the real impact of this kind of personalisation - we achieved a 30% uplift in email engagement (vs the control) across millions of emails. The learnings from this continue to help PlayStation improve their engagement and retention.