The most advanced welcome program ever?

Q. How did this forward-thinking entertainment brand achieve ‘welcome nirvana’?

A. Bespoke predictive analytics and automated decisioning selected the sequence of personalised messages most likely to create long term value and engagement for each customer.


Though swamped in transactional and behavioural data and dealing with very different types of customers, this brand had a one-size-fits-all welcome program.  

Knowing that it was vital to get the onboarding period right, the client challenged us to use the data at their disposal to help them to cement the relationship in these early days and maximise the value of each new customer.


First we defined what a ‘best possible customer’ looked like, based on monetary value, communications engagement and product usage. We looked at how these customers behaved in their first 30 days and the impact this had on their long term ‘value’. We then used deeper analysis to define different customer groups, their ‘value ceiling’ and what they needed to do to reach their full potential.

We monitored the behaviour of new customers daily, feeding them messages that, according to our analysis, would usher them towards their full value and messages were personalised based on which elements of the product they were using. As customers would often qualify for multiple messages; our predictive decision-making automatically calculated which message would be most relevant and effective.


The client now has a highly intelligent welcome program that uses insight and predictive analytics to balance customer centricity and business objectives. With automated decision-making selecting content from a bank of over 30, contextualised and personalised messages, they have seen significant incremental revenue generated when onboarding new customers.