SCV powers customer centricity at Halfords

Q. How can Halfords understand customer behaviour groupwide to develop a customer-centric marketing strategy?

A. We built Halfords a Single Customer View (SCV), a multi-billion row database combining nearly 40 first- and third party held data sources.


Halfords had a wealth of customer data at their disposal – transactional, engagement and behavioural assets from across the group’s brands. However, with the data siloed and therefore little view of overlapping customers across the estate, they were losing out both operationally (by needing to maintain separate data/systems infrastructures) and also commercially, missing the insight needed to drive strategic and targeting decisions. They needed a solution to support at both a group and brand level and a way of matching the rich data together as comprehensively as possible. 


Moving at pace to ensure value could be extracted as quickly as possible, we built an SCV combining disparate data sources and legacy data solutions from across the business. Using sophisticated algorithms to match together known customers we created a single record for each customer, resulting in a 360-degree view of behaviour both online and offline. 


Updated daily, the SCV enables Halfords to answer questions from the business using the most up-to-date data. Utterly comprehensive, the SCV grew the number of orders that could be matched to customers by 24 x over two years, creating rich insight to drive business strategy and a personalised and targeted CRM programme that delivers major incremental revenue.