Matching diners to dinners at Prezzo

Q. How did Prezzo streamline its voucher promotions process and accurately match dining data with customers?

A. We introduced unique voucher codes and dynamic web pages that feeds vital customer information into a bespoke cloud-based database.



As a high street restaurant, it can be pretty tricky to identify your customers (eating out is not exactly an online activity), which makes collecting the data you need to improve your targeting that much more difficult. And in an industry where revenue is primarily driven by discount vouchers, this is less than ideal. The client wanted a solution….


We created a sophisticated voucher distribution process, that not only allowed customers to get vouchers via email, the site or the app, but that also created unique codes that the business could easily track. 

An integrated process known simply as ‘User Journeys’ works across the client’s campaign management tool, voucher provider, till system and the front-end web pages we host for them, giving customers a seamless sign up and voucher experience.

Using our integration, Prezzo can match customer to offer so that a unique voucher code can be shared on email, on-site or via the client’s app and redemption can be captured at a diner level.. 


The client can now distribute unique voucher codes to their subscriber lists through automated trigger campaigns as well as more targeted ones. As they are redeemed, this has massively improved their customer matching and the data they have on their customers’ preferences is now better than ever.