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AI; the simple and compelling benefit behind the hype that all marketers should hero


As hyped and ubiquitous with oversell as it is, AI is here to stay and it’s finding its way into pretty much every aspect of our lives.

But that doesn’t mean that a Hollywood, robots-take-over-the-world-and-we-all-become-machines kind of scenario is just around the corner.

Indeed, the best and most accurate way AI’s role has been described is that it currently ‘replaces tasks, not people’. In short, AI gives us that most precious of resources – time. 

It deals (efficiently and, frequently, expertly) with the mundane, monotonous tasks so that we can take the time to focus on the more complex, interesting and ultimately more rewarding projects, and importantly do them better than ever before. 

Chatbots are the obvious example, answering and dealing with the run of the mill, basic customer service enquiries that come up again and again. By taking these easy to deal with, repetitive queries off the to do list, AI frees people up to deal with more challenging questions more effectively, so improving customer satisfaction. 

The NHS, for example, has been looking at AI to help with the 111 calls in winter months. I’m sure lots of questions about runny noses or a headache could be easily dealt with by an AI-driven live chat service, so that the NHS can take time to listen properly to say elderly people worried about more serious conditions.

Overcoming marketers’ biggest challenge

And the same rings true in our corner of the world of marketing. AI can help us overcome every customer marketing team’s biggest frustration – the fact that they so often don’t have the time to execute the seriously exciting campaigns in the way they want to. 

Take Planning-inc’s Next Best Action engine, a key component of our Ampifi platform.

As one task is removed, it opens up the opportunity to focus on so much more.
— Stuart

Our clients are using this machine-learning led AI solution to automate analysis of the vast amount of insight that comes out of each and every campaign send. Which types of customers did it work best for and what type of incremental behaviours did it drive; the NBA processes all the outcomes at a micro-level to predict which campaigns will work best for each customer going forward. 

This immediately increases the accuracy of targeting and removes the need for manual, business-led campaign hierarchies and debates on which customers should get which message when they qualify for numerous campaigns.  

It gives teams the headspace to focus on big hitter campaigns – whether its Black Friday, Christmas, or just something highly personalised and creative-driven – to figure out how to get the most out of them using standout creative and content, executed and delivered to perfection…..rather than as a mad dash, just get it out the door kind of way. 

In this way, AI helps us create, and importantly deliver, those brilliant marketing campaigns we all want to do, so that customers all have memorable (for the right reasons!) experiences with their brands. 

Marketing teams need to hero this tangible benefit as a way of helping businesses see through AI hype and adopt suitable technologies. They then need to adjust ways of working to leverage their potential; as one task is removed, it opens up the opportunity to focus on so much more.  


Stuart Russell
Client Services Director